Our starting and dismissal times are as follows:

  • Morning bell: 8:25 A.M. Dismissal: 2:50
  • Wednesday Early Release dismissal is at 2:10
    • Walkers should arrive at school between 8:05 and 8:15 A.M. 
    • Bus students arrive at the school between 7:55 and 8:00 A.M. 
    • ALL students arriving between 7:40 and 8:10 should go immediately to a supervised area (cafeteria/gym) until the morning bell rings at 8:10.  
    • At 8:10 students may go to their classroom.  
  • Front doors will open at 7:40 A.M. All other doors are locked for security purposes.

Bus students need written permission from their parent if they are not returning home on the bus, otherwise they will be sent home on the bus. For the saftery of all students, anyone being picked up after school must have written permission from a parent.

If your child is picked up early from school, there will be a sign-out sheet in the office to confirm the time, person picking up your child and reason your child left early (i.e. dentist appointment, sick, etc.). Please try to schedule appointments after school.

When sending money to school, please put it in an envelope with your child’s name, grade, amount of money, and purpose written on the outside. This eliminates confusion, and if the envelope is lost, the owner can easily be found.

Volunteers are WELCOME! We have a VOLUNTEER SIGN IN BOOK to recognize our wonderful volunteers!!!


If you have ANY concerns, please contact us at 327-5860. The staff and I are anticipating an exciting year working with your child and we are looking forward to meeting you.

Mrs. Jill Wheelock, Principal

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